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Hero diamond wide tapered cuff

£395.00 GBP

Hero by Christine Sadler

The pieces in this collection are all different. There is no way to make two identical. The sterling silver is heated until the surface melts. As it cools, it forms unique patterns on the surface. The pieces are then hammered, cut, scratched and drilled. They are basically harmed in every way possible. Rather than try to disguise the history of their experiences, these pieces proudly display the beauty of what they have been transformed into. In addition to the surface decoration, the pieces have a single diamond set in them and a hole. The Celts believed stones with holes were lucky and built tombs for warriors to set their souls free. The diamond represents strength and the hole brings luck for a free thinking spirit.

This sterling silver cuff is 30mm wide tapering to 10mm is 165mm long. The diamond is 1.75mm 0.02ct G colour VS clarity. This cuff can be made to fit any wrist. It is sometimes requested without the hole and with different gemstones or engraving. If you want to customise this cuff get in touch to discuss your ideas and get a quote.