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Bella Figura tagliatelle multifold silver cuff

£650.00 GBP
The Bella Figura tagliatelle multifold silver cuff is made completely by hand. The folds reflect the light in a magical way.

There has been a lot of design development undertaken to create this beautiful form. The strong silver sheet has been transformed into the appearance of a silky ribbon of pasta, undulating as it wraps around the wrist.

It is very labour intensive to make this one of a kind piece as the folds take great skill to polish.

The cuff measures 20mm wide so it creates a real statement but is practical for wearing everyday. 

The outside of the bangle is highly polished to a mirror finish and the inside has a contrasting matt finish. 

This bangle was made and designed by Christine Sadler and has a UK hallmark with her sponsor mark which guarantees its authenticity.

This is the 2nd cuff of this design that has been made and it is different to the first one which had a different pattern of folds. The last three images of this cuff show how the form of the bangle appears to move and reflect the surround colours when the light changes.