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Bella figura moving ditali silver cuff bangle

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Bella Figura by Christine Sadler

Bella figura is an Italian expression that is so much more than the literal translation, beautiful figure. It describes not only physical beauty but also an attitude of making life beautiful for those around you. This collection celebrates the women who invented ingenious shapes of pasta and passed the skills on to their daughters along with the stories behind each shape.

Ditali are short tubes of pasta, roughly the same length as they are wide. Their name comes from the word ditale meaning thimbles. They are also called coralli, meaning coral because they look like beads from a necklace. Their shape is so suited to jewellery making that this is one of the shapes of dried pasta often used to make necklaces.

This solid sterling silver cuff bangle has a moving ditali bead. The ditali bead has diagonal lines grooved by hand giving it a really special look and feel. The bead moves ina playful way on the 3mm round silver cuff. The cuff has slapyed ends that stop the bead coming off. 

The ditali is 6mm x 6mm and the cuff can be handmade to fit any wrist size. When ordering, simply tell us the full circumference of the wrist you want it for and we will make adjustments to ensure it fits perfectly and the space to put in on and off is just right.