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Affinity rose gold and silver bracelet

£85.00 GBP

This is a sterling silver bracelet that has the option of coming with silver or 9ct rose gold affinity circles. It is pictured one in the chain at the clasp and one hanging at the front but it can be added anywhere you prefer. Each ring can be engraved with a name or date. The bracelet link is really strong. This is a gift to wear everyday and treasure forever. 

This bracelet design can come with one ring if you prefer. They make beautiful gifts for bridesmaids. The bracelets photographed here have the bridesmaid's name on the ring at the front and the date of the wedding on the ring next to the clasp. The circles are 1cm in diameter.

You can have this bracelet design with more or fewer affinity rings and they can come in silver, yellow gold or rose gold. The breakdown of the costs for creating a bespoke bracelet is £45 for the silver trace link bracelet, £30 for every silver link and £80 for every gold link whether it is yellow gold or rose gold.