Bare Bones

When you know something to be true, you feel it in your bones. The bare bones describes the basic elements or essentials. The most powerful thing you can learn is who you are and what makes you special as this will give you an inner strength that no one can take away from you. The Bare Bones collection of jewellery was created to be a self empowerment tool that reminds you of the qualities you have that make you special and unique, the basic core elements of who you are. The idea of the collection is that on the bones, you request engraving of the things you know without doubt to be true about you. On the little petal charms, you request engraving of the things you want to be true about you, the things you are working towards. The little charms are lotus petal shapes which as they get larger symbolise the flowering of who you are. Once you feel certain that you have attained that quality, you can add a bone with that wording. The petals are designed to be thick enough so that the original wording can be polished off and a new goal engraved. Every piece from this unusual jewellery collection is unique as every person requests different wording and a different number of bones and petals.

Hello You!

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