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Silver jewellery cleaner

£8.50 GBP

We have tried many jewellery cleaners over the years and Town Talk are our favourite. 

The Exquisite Silver Sparkle kit comes with a tub with a liquid cleaning solution, a small soft brush and a silver cloth. This is perfect for items of jewellery with areas that are tricky to get into as the liquid reaches all the areas you might struggle to get to with just a cloth. The little brush allows you to remove any build up that has collected in settings or details in your jewellery. The polishing cloth is the final stage and should only be used on polished jewellery and not matt finished sections of jewellery as it will polish them up instead of matting them. For matt finished jewellery, only use the dip and brush, not the cloth. 

The silver dip is very quick and simple to use. Simply drop your items of silver jewellery into the little basket in the tub, leave for a few seconds and then lift the basket out and rinse under the tap. Always store silver dip where it cannot be reached by pets or children and use gloves to protect your hands, especially if you have sensitive skin. The only thing you can't clean using this product is anything with pearls, opals or emeralds or any other porous stone. The full instructions are on the box. 

People sometimes wonder why their silver jewellery goes black. Silver will tarnish with chemicals in the air or sweat from skin. It doesn't damage the metal, it simply creates a discolouration on the surface that can be easily cleaned off. 

A silver cleaner is great to have on hand to brighten and maintain the beauty of your jewellery. It makes an ideal stocking filler for a silver jewellery lover. 

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