Valentine's Day

At Christine Sadler we make unforgettable jewellery. We turn your stories into precious metal that can be worn for generations. We make our jewellery in Scotland to exacting standards utilising both traditional craftmanship and the latest technology to create innovative and special designs that symbolise the bonds people share.

Just as each piece is truly unique, the process each commission takes is different. Christine has been designing jewellery since 1991 and she takes a flexible approach to the design process. You can commission her to design an item of jewellery just for you. If you have some ideas that you want her to incorporate into the final piece she will guide you through the process. If you don’t, she can help you to find the right way to express the reason behind why you want to commission the item in the first place. It’s easier to understand the different methods she uses and the variety of the designs she creates by reading the stories behind the commissions so we’ve put some examples of designs we have made on this page. We don’t replicate these designs but we invite you to read about them and be inspired to commission your very own item of unforgettable jewellery.



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