Updating An Old Diamond Necklace Into A New Design

Updating An Old Diamond Necklace Into A New Design

I absolutely loved this commission because my customer had a ring remodelled into a necklace elsewhere and was a bit underwhelmed by the finished piece and I was able to make a necklace design that she really loved.

turning an old diamond necklace into a new modern design

In the original necklace, the three diamonds had been made to sit next to each other and while there is nothing wrong with this design, it was a little lost on her neck. Three diamonds on a finger will look larger than when transferred into a necklace because of the scale of the finger to a neck.

remodelling old jewellery into a new modern necklace design

To make a more impressive necklace, each of the diamonds was given an individual circular frame that intersected with each other. Each diamond sits within a larger circle and is set in a rubbed over setting that echos the shape. This design has a lot of movement and is very eye catching. The light reflects from the gold circles as well as the diamonds. It has so much style. We think this design will also look great with different coloured gemstones.

Yellow gold three circle diamond necklace using diamonds from an old piece of jewellery

The reason why this necklace commission was such a success was because I really listened to what my customer didn't like about her exisiting necklace, what she wanted to achieve by changing it and then I checked that I understood exactly her taste and style. 

If you have inherited jewellery that you would like remodelled into something that suits your style better, get in touch to find out how we can help. 

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