Handmade two part bird and tree pendant

Handmade two part bird and tree pendant

I was asked to make a pendant for a birthday. The woman wanted something really special and personal. I asked her to think about something about their relationship that she felt she wanted me to incorporate into the design. She said that they say to each other that one of them is like a bird that is a bit flightly and the other is like a tree, more grounded. I designed a pendant in the shape of the tree that has a space for the bird. When the tree pendant is worn, you can see the space for bird even when the bird isn't there. I sent her this video of the piece before the chains were attached. In the video you can see how perfectly the bird fits. The leaves of the tree are all hand engraved and the cuts shimmer in the light, making it look as if the leaves are moving.

Here is an image of the finished pendants.


I was asked to engrave "always" on the back of the pendant in Italian.

If you'd like to commission your own special item of jewellery, get in touch with Christine by email christine@christinesadler.com

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