Remodelling a diamond ring from something broken to beautiful.

Remodelling a diamond ring from something broken to beautiful.

When we design jewellery, we want customers to have it forever. We don't sell items that we know can't be repaired. A few years ago, many jewellers were selling diamond rings that had diamonds grooved and slotted into each other so the stones looked like one larger diamond. It looked very pretty because there weren't any claws between the stones. However, these jewellers didn't care that they couldn't offer a service of repairing the rings if one of the stones was broken accidentally. They were only interested in getting the sale. We've had many customers come to us because the jeweller who took their money for the ring was not prepared to offer a solution when their ring was damaged. Here's an example of the style of ring with what is called "invisible setting"

Last month we had another customer come to us with one of these ring designs which had a damaged stone. The jeweller she had bought it from was no longer trading. The ring couldn't be repaired but we did find a solution. We unset the three diamonds which weren't damaged and reset them into a new ring design for her.

She was delighted with the new ring. It's a timeless design that can be repaired in future should one of the stone be damaged accidentally.

Just because a jeweller has an established brand doesn't mean they will give you life long service. We offer a free lifetime guarantee on items we have made that covers you against material defects and production faults because we care about retaining customers and we want their treasured items to last forever. If there is a problem that isn't a manufacturing fault, we will always try to find a solution to the problem.

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