Be your best friend's best friend this Christmas

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Be your best friend’s best friend this Christmas by helping her partner to get the right gift.

Many people hate Christmas because it brings into sharp focus how little attention they have been paying to what their friends and family want and need. Not only that but buying someone an unwanted gift makes you feel a little like a part of you has been rejected and that someone thinks you don’t have good taste. Is it any wonder then that people feel a sense of resentment towards Christmas and the fact that they feel they have to buy gifts?

That’s where it helps to have a best friend who can be there to give some genuine and personal recommendations. Like Amazon but not from a marketing point of view, from a very trustworthy source.

This isn’t a selfish or shallow trick. Far from it. The reason why your best friend knows what you want and your partner doesn’t is because you will tell her because you don’t expect her to buy it for you. You don’t tell your partner because you feel it would be rude to ask for something expensive or special.

Passing on a few suggestions to your friend’s partner of what he could buy would save him a lot of stress and potential embarrassment. It’s not about forcing people to buy gifts, it’s about making gift giving fun again because there is nothing nicer than surprising the people you love with something that makes them happy.


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