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A special gift for an amazing daughter
Sunshine through my window That's what you are My shining star
Bella Figura
Discover the inspiration behind my latest collection of jewellery
Diamond ring remodelled.
We found a solution to a problem a customer had with a ring they had bought elsewhere.
A piece of cake.
Three necklaces that tell a story made for two sisters and their mum.
Birthstone bracelet
A special bracelet commission using birthstones.
Commissioning an item of jewellery
What it's like to design items of jewellery by commission.
Commissioned pendant
This is the story of a really special two part pendant.
How to avoid losing earrings
Here are my top tips to help you avoid the most common mistakes when it comes to looking after your earrings.
Platinum wedding rings
Your guide to buying platinum wedding rings
Gold wedding rings
Your guide to buying gold wedding rings and how much they will cost.
Silver wedding rings
Some silver wedding rings that are really special
How much should a wedding ring cost?
How to work out how much you should budget to buy wedding rings
Jewellery tattoos
A customer loved the design of her pendant so much she got a tattoo of it.
Long distance friendships
Pendants made for two friends whose lives followed the same path on different sides of the world
Objects which carry memories
A story seems more real when you can hold it
A ruby engagement ring
A real life true love story.
Shaped wedding ring
This wedding ring used diamonds that belonged to the customer.
Afternoon Tea necklace
This was handmade and donated to be auctioned to raise money for charity.
Cufflinks made for a surgeon
A handmade gift for someone really special
Restore Your Sparkle
Jewellery needs to be cleaned regularly to keep it looking its best
Friendship pendant
Sometimes, it’s possible to do a commission without the person ever coming into the shop.
Three sisters commission
I suggested that I could make something based on the three stars in Orion’s Belt because those stars are called the three sisters.
Family Treasures
Not everyone gets on with their family. I think that’s why it’s so special when you hear about people who have close bonds and good relationships
Spoon theory
I had no idea when I designed this spoon charm that it would ever have quite so much meaning to someone else.
A charm for a special friend
Turn your special secret messages into silver charms that last forever.
Emerald and diamond ring remodel
A customer inherited a traditional emerald and diamond ring that was set in yellow gold.
Shaped wedding rings
A handmade ring made especially to fit the shape and style of your ring is the best way to get a perfect match for your engagement ring.
Braille jewellery
A customer wanted to commission a gold pendant with diamonds set so that a word was spelled in braille. She also wanted earrings to match.
Rings to represent children
A customer commissioned me to make two rings to represent her children
 A ring set from a family treasure
I was asked to take a cluster ring which belonged to a bride’s mother in law who had passed away..
A Red, Red Rose
The local hospice got in touch with me and asked if I would make an item of jewellery for them to auction to raise funds for their charity.
Remodeling Solution
I showed the customer a few designs of rings which had rubbed over settings rather than claw settings and she loved the look of them.
How an idea became a piece of jewellery
A strong emotion
There are many different occasions for which people commission a handmade piece of jewellery.
No diamond engagement ring
I love it when a customer wants something that challenges the pre conceived ideas of jewellery.
Wedding Pearls
Hand made jewellery really makes a wedding feel luxurious and is something that can be treasured for years afterwards.
The Hummingbird pendant
I love the fact that she will know the pendant has been made specially for her and that they both now wear the same image that connects them.
Touch the sky
The theme of the wedding was hot air balloons.
Fathers day cufflinks
I think these are a really special gift that her husband will treasure.
Wedding ring with a song
The bride wanted a wide ring set with diamonds. During the consultation, I found out that she played the piano.
Replacing lost jewellery
A customer called me to tell me that she’d lost her wedding and engagement ring.
Wedding rings with a personal meaning
This means that the metal that touched the hands of his ancestors is in contact with his.
The best way to buy a diamond engagement ring
How to get the most for your budget
Unique charms
Make your charm bracelet special.
Flip flop charm
She wanted a pair of flip flops with a flower joining them.
Customise my designs
I love making one off items and that’s why I encourage people to commission me to make a one off version of any of my designs.
Old rings for new
I think it’s healthy if your taste changes over time. It shows you are experiencing new things and developing as a person.
Runic wedding rings
Handmade gold wedding rings
A pendant for mother and baby
I was asked by a husband to make a pendant that he could give to his wife on the birth of their son.
Personalised engagement ring
How to personalise an engagement ring
Creative uses with a wedding band
A wedding ring you don’t want to wear on your finger
Not boring
Shaped wedding rings don’t have to be plain.
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